Saturday, January 26, 2008

La Division Mentale - L'Extase Des Fous

Post Black Metal band from France with Industrial elements incorporated in their style . The only release prior to this album was a demo in 1998 called "Syndrome" . There's a nice blend between the extreme metal tendencies and Industrial to give it that Anti-Human edge . The drum loops are powerful and real sounding . Lyrical themes are generally Death , Mental Disorder and Revenge . This release is certainly something fresh and a new direction for the Black Metal .


1.La voix des ombres
2.La gale de mon passé
3.L'abandon au réel
4.Satan inside
5.Illusions décharnées
6.En mon âme et conscience
8.Retour à l'onirique...
9.... Le tout indivisible
10.L'Extase Des Fous


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