Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dimensional Psychosis - Magical Matrix Of Dimensional Continuum

Year : 2005

Asphyxiate Recordings


1. Intro 02:09
2. Matrix Mindscan Transition (Wormed Beyond)
3. Psychedelic Blackish Psychosis (Eternal Magick Unfolds)
4. Paradoxal Hologram from Sirius I Am (Universal Symbiosis)
5. Eerie Spiritual Vulture (Disconected from Gravity)
6. Traped in the Infinity of Limbo_Dimensionism (Humanoids Limits Erased)
7. Virtual Spectrum of Extensive Transparency (Visualize Transcedental Dreamscapes)
8. Choronzonic Evilution of Genius Dementia (Futuristic Intelligence of Ancientness)
9. I Am the Cosmic Storm Raging (Ultimate chaos of Infinity)


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